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Ningbo Zhongding Plastic Co., Ltd., established in 1999, integrates production, processing and sales of eco-friendly building materials such as PC sun boards and resistant boards. The company keeps close production and sales cooperation with American GE and Taiwan Cement. With rich experience in production of PC sun boards and secondary thermo forming, it makes an annual sales income of over RMB120 million.

With production equipment and technology imported from Europe, the company makes 0.8mm-25mm PC boards, and diverse shapes such as circular arch, taper and pyramid can be tailored according to your special requirements. Free design is provided.

The company is experienced in manufacturing PC and PMMA structural boards and products.

PC structural boards are sorted into general resistant boards (single-layer), single (double) side UV resistant boards, particle boards, frosting boards, transparent noise barriers, anti-wear/anti-scratch boards, crest tiles, general sun boards (multi-layer), single (double) side UV sun boards, crystal boards, anti-drop sun boards, easily-cleaned sun boards, anti-drop & easily-cleaned sun boards, sun boards and multi-layer reinforced sun boards.

PC structural boards are sorted into general single-layer boards, anti-impact boards, transparent noise barriers, anti-wear/anti-scratch boards and multi-layer anti-aging sun boards.

Featured by safety and fashion, the products are mainly applied to building ceilings, lighting plastic houses, expressway and railway acoustic barriers, thermo forming dome skylights, billboards, etc.

In the business philosophy of “Customer Supreme, Progress Focused” and the principle of “Customer First,” the company provides customers with excellent service. It is desired to cooperate with customers for a commonly great future. Welcome to the company!

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