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Pc Solid Sheet Jewelry Blue

Founded in 1999, the company is an all-round enterprise specializing in the raw materials, production, processing and sales of green building materials PC endurance board, and has close cooperation with GE, Bayer, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Teijin, etc.

Keywords: PC endurance board

Product Details

Product specification
Thickness(mm) weight(kg/m2) width(mm) length(mm) color service
1.5 1.8 1220\1560\1820\2050\2150

≤4.5mm plate
The length is unlimited

Transparent\Tawny and green\Red and blue\Milky white The color and specification required by a large number of customers can be customized.
2 2.4
3 3.6
4 4.8
5 6
6 7.2
8 9.6
10 12
12 14.4
18 21.6

Table for physical property of product

Name Attribute Value
pc board Specific gravity Gram weight: 1.2kg/m2, about 1/2 of weight of glass
Transmittance 85%-90%, transmittance of different thicknesses
UV resistance performance 50μm UV layer, filter 90% ultraviolet radiation of sunshine
Expansion coefficient of thermal performance  0.067 mm/m°c
Pperating temperature  -40°c to 120°c
Thermal conductivity  2.3-3.9 W/m2℃
Tensile strength >60N/mm2
Bending strength  100N/mm2
Breaking tensile strength >65MPa
Thermal bending strength  140°c
Thermal bending strength 250 times of glass, 20-30 times of acrylic, and 2 times of tempered glass
Fire rating  B1/V2, Automatically extinguish in 60s
Sound insulation effect The solid sheets of 10mm thick are attenuated for 33dB.

Product use:

1 Internal and external decoration of commercial building, and curtain wall of modern city building
2 Transparent container in aviation, front windshield of motorcycle, train, steamship, automobile, motorboat, submarine and shield
3 Telephone booth, billboard, light box advertising, and arrangement of exhibition display; and instrument, meter, and panel of high-low voltage switch tank
4 Indoor high-grade decorative materials of wall, top, screen and others
5 Bicycle shed, balcony sunshade canopy and roof pavilion shed applicable to all units or communities
6 Noise barrier of expressway and elevated road of city


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