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Ningbo Zhongding Plastic Co., Ltd. was originally created in 1999 and has production and sales cooperation with GE Company of the United States and Taiwan Taiwan Mud. The company is a professional engaged in green building materials PC sunshine board, endurance board raw materials, production, processing and sales of all-round enterprises, has more than ten years of PC sunshine board endurance board production technology and secondary thermoforming processing experience, annual sales can reach 0.12 billion yuan.

To understand the production of PC board raw materials. Our original PC board are all new imported materials. The introduction of the original European production equipment and technology, can produce 24mm -1.5mm thick PC sheet. And according to your needs processing and manufacturing round arch, pointed cone, pyramid and other shapes can be free to provide customers with design, to meet the order needs of different customers around the world.

Ningbo Zhongding Plastics ensures that the product quality is always at a high level in the industry. With the beautiful appearance of the endurance board, the comprehensive performance is extremely excellent, and the quality is first-class. It has been more and more applied to all fields of our production and life, and in the process of use, The performance is stable, which not only realizes the energy saving and environmental protection we now advocate, but also saves energy, which is exactly what our manufacturers and consumers expect!

PC structural board types: general-purpose endurance board (single-layer board), single (double)-sided UV endurance board, particle board, sand grinding board, sound barrier transparent sound insulation board, wear-resistant scribing board, wave tile, general-purpose sunshine board (multilayer board), single (double)-sided UV sunshine board, crystal bright board, drip-proof sunshine board, easy-to-clean sunshine board, sunshine board, strong multilayer sunshine board.

PC structural plate varieties: general-purpose single-layer plate, impact-resistant plate, sound barrier transparent plate, anti-wear plate, anti-aging multi-layer sun plate.

The products are mainly used in all kinds of building places ceiling, lighting greenhouse, highway, railway sound insulation wall, thermoforming lighting cover, billboard, etc. In line with the safety of modern building decoration, fashion features.

The company adhering to the "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, the "customer first" principle to provide our customers with quality services, is willing to work together with customers to create a better tomorrow. Welcome customers a lot of patronage!!!