Furniture using PVC artificial leather industry standard drafting unit

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At present, China is the global furniture production center, furniture trade accounted for 1/5 of the world. PVC artificial leather is one of the important raw materials for furniture. With the continuous development of the furniture industry, the demand for artificial leather is increasing day by day. Because PVC artificial leather has the characteristics of wear resistance, good physical properties, durability, and high cost performance, it is greatly replacing genuine leather, and its scope of use is continuously expanded and refined in the furniture industry. It is understood that the standard of PVC artificial leather for furniture is still blank at home and abroad. At the same time, my country's yacht industry has also developed rapidly in recent years, and the overall yacht production capacity has ranked among the top ten in the world. In addition to excellent export performance, the number of domestic yachts is also increasing, which has driven the number of PVC artificial leather used for yachts. surge. Due to the particularity of the yacht environment, PVC artificial leather products must meet the requirements of the environment. Yacht with artificial leather is a new product in China, and the standard specification is still blank. In order to strengthen industry management, standardize industry standards, lead industry standards, and further integrate with international standards, in accordance with standardized work requirements, it is necessary to formulate industry standards for PVC artificial leather for furniture and yachts, promote industry technological progress, and better participate International competition.

PVC artificial leather for furniture industry standard drafting unit

The drafting of industry standards for PVC artificial leather for furniture and PVC artificial leather for yachts was undertaken by Foshan Gaoming Weishida Plastics Co., Ltd. Weishida Company is one of the largest manufacturers of PVC artificial leather for furniture and yachts in China. Standard to participate in the development of units in Foshan City, WeiShiBao leather company, is one of the largest distribution units of PVC artificial leather furniture. The established Weibao leather brand has a far-reaching influence in the furniture industry and has a wide customer base. Through the feedback from the cutting-edge market, Weibao leather fully realizes the importance of standardization in the artificial leather industry. Weibao leather company is also one of the main units involved in the formulation of standards. At the same time, the two companies are also the benchmark of products and technologies in the artificial leather industry. Weibao's company has a high-quality scientific and technological team and relatively complete testing equipment, as well as a group of professionals who draft and formulate standards. In addition, the enterprise standard of PVC artificial leather for furniture has been put on record by the Bureau of Technical Supervision.

The meeting demanded and pointed out that the formulation of standards should be synchronized with the level of product quality, scientific and technological achievements and patents should be integrated into the standards as technical elements, and the purpose of representing the advanced nature of the industry, leading the development of the industry and eliminating backward products should be played. Therefore, when formulating standards, it is necessary to increase the four indicators of suture fastness, abrasion resistance, color migration, and anti-stickiness on the premise of highlighting ecology and meeting basic use requirements. It is required to complete the drafting of the standard by the end of December 2012. The standard drafting unit must strengthen its organizational strength, organize and implement the drafting team as soon as possible, and increase the drafting unit when necessary. The formulation of standards is directly related to the local government's emphasis on standard work. It is hoped that through the drafting of standards and the attention of local government departments, the foundation of the "China Artificial Leather Synthetic Leather Manufacturing Base" in Gaoming District, Foshan City will be further consolidated.

China Plastics Processing Industry Association, China Plastics Association Artificial Leather and Synthetic Leather Special Committee, Foshan Gaoming District Quality Supervision Bureau, Foshan Gaoming District Plastics Association, Foshan Gaoming Weishida Plastic Co., Ltd., Foshan Weishibao Leather Co., Ltd. Department leaders, business leaders and related media attended the meeting.